About Creature Comfort Pet Therapy


We were incorporated in November 2011 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the goal of providing a network of dependable, caring volunteers dedicated to sharing their pet's love by visiting people in need of comfort or therapy.


We have certified more than 160 pet therapy teams.  Though the majority of pet team members are dogs, two rabbits, a cat, a potbelly pig and a mini horse have also been certified.


Targeted populations include:


• the frail elderly, many with dementia

• adults who suffer with mental illnesses

• veterans living in transitional housing programs

• children who are struggling to learn to read

• children with physical or learning disabilities

 • hospital patients who may be anxious, frightened


Volunteer teams provide 175 to 200 visits each month to our partner facilities that include nursing homes, public and private schools, libraries, hospitals, hospice, mental health centers and veterans programs.


Benefits of visits with a therapy animal may include lowered blood pressure, reduced pain, decreased anxiety, increased communication and socialization, and improved reading skills.


Programs are supported by two part-time paid staff members and numerous volunteers.


Active pet assisted therapy teams are covered by a liability insurance policy.


As a not for profit organization, we need funding to be able to operate our programs.  Funding is generated through an annual fund-raising event, facility fees and donations, sponsored facility visits, application and certification fees, individual donations, and corporate donations, grants and awards.




I love making people smile!



P.O. Box 872, Morris Plains, NJ 07950


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We are proud to be listed as a therapy dog

certification organization through the AKC.