Our Programs

Targeted Populations Include:

    • the frail elderly, many with dementia
    • adults who suffer from mental illnesses
    • veterans living in transitional housing programs
    • children who are struggling to learn to read
    • children with physical or learning disabilities
    • hospital patients who may be anxious, frightened
    Overview of Programs:

    Recurring Pet Therapy Visits
    Animal Assisted Activities
    Our therapy teams regularly visit any number of people at a given facility, spending as much time as necessary with each person. 

    Animal Assisted Therapy
    Our therapy teams are incorporated into a treatment plan and work one on one under the direction of a professional therapist.

    Special Requests
    One-time Pet Therapy Visit
    We will provide a one-time visit to a group or a facility.

    Community Outreach
    We will provide our therapy animals and program information at local events, forums and conferences.

    Presentation - What is Pet Therapy All About?
    We will bring our therapy animals and visit your group or organization to give a presentation about the benefits of pet therapy.

    A unique program where our therapy teams will be available to mobilize and respond to a variety of situations where therapy pets could provide calm and comfort.

    Programs Specifically for Children:

    Reading to Dogs Program
    CCPT teams visit libraries and schools where children practice their reading by reading stories to therapy animals.

    Schools for Special Needs
    CCPT teams visit schools for children who may have physical, emotional, sensory and learning disabilities.  We work with each school individually to determine how our animals can best help children reach their goals.

    After School Programs
    CCPT teams provide education to school-age children on what therapy animals do and how to meet and behave around animals.

    Children in the Hospital
    CCPT teams provide weekly visits to the Pediatric Unit.

    Programs Specifically for Adults:

    Mental Health Programs
    CCPT teams visit a variety of day programs and group homes for adults with a variety of mental illnesses.

    Adults in the Hospital
    CCPT teams visit a variety of units and provide comfort to adults who are sick and miss their own pets.

    CCPT teams visit with veterans living in housing programs.

    Programs for Senior Citizens
    CCPT teams provide visits to assisted living facilities, nursing homes and adult day care programs.